The Examples of the Work of the New Era


Work of the New Era

 Work of the New Era serves both Us and all living creatures. It is one’s own creation, the expression of one’s inner self, one’s passion and interests. Work of the New Era means doing what brings Us joy, what expresses our talents and abilities. It is not work against oneself, done out of duty. Work of the New Era is creating with a great joy, bringing harmony to the lives of all creatures on the Earth. It is study, self-analysis, mission. It is creating with love towards all beings. It is work which brings about harmony and beauty.


 The excerpt from Jarosław Ziółkowski’s book ‘The Civilization of the New Era’

„...In the New Era, before we choose any work, we wonder if it serves all living creatures, the whole entity, the whole Civilization. We know that what we do to others, we do to ourselves. We know that everybody can feel the results of our deeds. That we all constitute one, common organism. Thus, when we choose work, we want it to bring Us joy, to give voice to our inner selves and all our talents. On the other hand, we want our work to bring harmony, joy and love to all living creatures. We respect every creature. Every creature is important to Us. Nobody is better or worse. There are not the chosen few. Everybody is wonderful. Our work just serves everybody, every creature. All people, animals, plants, stones, water, the whole nature, the whole wildlife, the whole Earth. If any work does not serve anyone, is harmful to even few living things, we will not do it. We are just a great fountain, a huge waterfall of love ...”


The Criteria for Work of the New Era:


1. Work which contributes harmony and order to the lives of all creatures on the Earth.

2. Work which gives joy and satisfaction to both Us and all living creatures.

3. Work as passion, fun and education.

4. Work as an expression of what we mostly want to do in our lives, of what we do best and what serves everyone.

5. Work not as an obligation, coercion, but as means of livelihood.

6. Work as an expression of one’s talents, dreams, of what one loves doing and wishes to explore and study.

7. Work as the expression of love towards oneself, the whole Earth and all living creatures.


Some Examples for Inspiration: 

  • Running a shop with health food;
  • Writing a book about joy, love and positive visions for future.
  • Making projects and building pyramids in cities to raise vibrations there;
  • Designing gardens, green areas, planting forests;
  • Designing environmentally-friendly devices, inventions and engines;
  • Setting up and running schools without grades, coercion and fear, but promoting independent thinking and concluding, and discovering new possibilities (Schools of the New Era);
  • Making movies and other works of art (Art of the New Era), which inspire to creating joy, beauty and living in harmony with oneself;
  • Running shops with fruit and vegetable juices prepared on the spot;
  • Producing eco-friendly materials, devices, equipment, etc. (taking care of clean water, air and soil);
  • Producing energy (thermal energy and electric energy) for people on the basis of the alternative sources of energy, serving both people and nature, and not polluting the environment. A drive towards free energy.
  • Selling and distributing solar collectors and other eco-friendly inventions;
  • Growing plants using organic fertilizers and without chemicals which pollute the environment and contaminate food (for the benefit of people;
  • Creating and promoting products without chemicals which poison human organisms;
  • Running a recycling company, where wastes are recycled into usable materials;
  • Setting up projects and programmes which will create harmony in different spheres of human life.


 The most interesting works sent to Us and prepared according to the criteria for Work of the New Era will be placed on that webpage. The works are to inspire other people to build the Civilization of the New Era and to create for the benefit of all living creatures.


    Send Us articles about your activities and companies, the services you offer and the products you sell. Describe why your products and services are worth trying. Advert your work, proving that it serves our health, the environment and the planet. You may also create an advertisement of your work, and we will make a reference to the webpage of your company, work, or any other activity. Using this webpage ‘Work of the New Era’, one will be able to enter your website and take use of your service.


In that webpage the most interesting materials describing Work of the New Era will be presented. Materials will chosen from the works sent to Us. Those which will be done in accordance with the criteria for Work of the New Era will be put on this webpage. Your works are to reveal the character of your job, work, to describe what it consists in, what it serves, and in what way it contribute harmony to the life of the creatures on the Earth. In what way it brings about harmony and order on the whole planet. 

 This webpage, the register of pioneering work being the sign of the New Era, is to provide inspiration for people who search for a job which would be an expression of their inner selves and which would give joy to Us and all living creatures on the Earth. 


Please, send your works by e-mail


 Be a pioneer of the new reality. Be an inspiration to others.


The Examples of the Work of the New Era


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