Let’s Love Nature

 kochajmy przyrodÍ

Taking care of nature and the natural environment on the Earth, taking care of all the creatures of nature, we, in fact, care for ourselves. Taking care of clean rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, caring about fresh air and soil, we also care for ourselves. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. Then, we drink clean water, eat healthy food and breathe clean air. We enjoy good health and feel great joy. We enjoy the beauty of nature.

 Taking care of nature, animals, plants, flowers, water, mountains and forest, we care for ourselves. The environment, nature amply repays. Nature cares for Us.

If you would like to inspire people who visit this webpage, which promotes respect and love towards nature, you can send Us photographs of wildlife and nature taken by you. Send your photographs by e-mail jaro1979@wp.pl.

Let’s create parks, towns, buildings of the sacred geometry plan. The complicated forms of pictograms and crop circles are based on the rules of higher mathematics. Flakes of snow, spirals of the galaxy, snail shells, pyramids, the structure of flowers and trees are just some examples of the constructions based on higher mathematics. Let’s look around. Everywhere in nature there are examples of incredible laws of mathematics and sacred geometry: the pi number, the octave, Finobacci numbers, the ideal numbers: 3,6,9, fractals, etc. These rules are present in the construction of the crop circles. Let’s use these rules while building our houses, blocks of flats, tows and parks, to make our surrounding full of positive energy. The buildings which are not constructed according to these rules tend to collapse very quickly. Let’s look at the pyramids, which have remained thousands of years. They still exist. Pictograms may serve as an example of how to fill a free space in our towns, how to do projects of different objects and buildings, how to create green areas.

*Let’s sort wastes and rubbish (paper, glass, plastic bottles PET, electronic wastes, plastic, metal, organic wastes). Let’s try to provide all inhabitants of villages and towns with separate dust bins for different kinds of wastes. It will be cleaner around Us, then, whereas particular wastes, instead of polluting the environment, will be recycled and reused. Let the might be with you.

*Let’s create natural biological sewage works. Chemical sewage works, the place where chemicals are used to remove pollutants from water, are the source of toxic gases. The chemicals get to the environment, too. Natural, biological sewage works: fields, meadows, reeds, bulrushes and other water plants, together with various living organisms (e.g. bacterium, algae) make great and effective sewage works. Rivers, lakes, fields may form natural sewage works. There is no need to build chemical sewage works just for profit.

 *Let’s use organic detergents instead of chemical ones. Chemical detergents such as: washing powder, washing-up liquid, floor polish, etc. flow down the sewage system to rivers, lakes, ground, subsoil waters, seas and oceans. Chemical detergents are toxic to plants, animals and people. Organic detergents, for example ‘Amway’, which decompose into simple substances, do not contain toxic substances. They are cheaper and more effective. It’s only a matter of doing the first step. Using organic detergents, we take care of waters and soil, of the lives of myriads of creatures.

Let’s use organic detergents in factories and companies, in cities and towns, everywhere. Let the might be with you.

 *While building detached houses (but not only), let’s emphasise the importance of solar collectors and solar batteries. In Poland, 10 thousand zlotys is enough to cover the costs of solar collectors or solar batteries, which would cover the whole roof of a detached house. The purchase of land, building a house and the purchase of house equipment usually cost about 100-300 thousand zlotys in Poland (1-3 myriad old zlotys). Thus, the purchase of solar collectors constitutes only 3-10% of the total costs. People can pay so much money for a house or a car. Yet, the price of solar collectors seems quite low. Solar collectors transform solar energy into electric current. They do not emit any gases, produce any wastes or sewage. Imagine a free current, the clean environment, pure nature and healthy people.

*Let’s install solar batteries and collectors everywhere it is possible.

*Let’s try to use energy which is free of charge, e.g.: geothermal energy, the energy of flowing water.

*Let’s become open to unconventional inventions generating free energy: Tesla’s engines, Joe’s battery, engines powered by gravitation. They have already existed. It’s time to introduce cars powered by solar panels and electric cars. Let’s start producing them.

*It’s time to think about creating computers powered by 1 volt current. At present, there are still computers, as well as another pieces of equipment (washing machines, TV sets, fridges, etc.) using 220 volts current. It’s time to think about creating electronic equipment powered by no more than 1 volt current, which is similar to the electric current existing in a living organism. Let us live in the clean environment, far from electromagnetic smog, which desynchronizes processes taking place in our brains and bodies, and makes Us susceptible to illnesses.

*Soon it will be time to dispose of high-tension cables, which go over fields, meadows, forests (and it causes deforestation), villages and cities, and which are toxic to the environment and people who live or work nearby. Electric current can be:

-transmitted cordless;

-produced in a place of living (relates to both high-tension and low-tension current).

*Soon, the trend towards building motorways will end. Laying concrete in forests, meadows, towns and cities is harmful to both Us and the environment. The destruction of forests, meadows, as well as the lives of a number of animals and plants is absolutely unnecessary. Concreting such a huge areas in cities will also finish soon. Where do you prefer to live and work? In a concrete jungle or in the place full of grass, bushes, trees and flowers? Such a  dense motorways network is no longer useful for Us, as we soon start using flying vehicles. Thus, we do not need building motorways any longer. What is more, we may get ready for removing concrete from our towns and cities, and planting trees and growing grass and flowers there.  

*Let’s protect rainforests, forests, meadows and parks. Let’s try to respect the fact that a tree grows here or there. Let’s take care of this tree. Let’s plant trees. Let it to be more and more trees around. We will be delighted then. Clean, fresh air will help as greatly.

*Let’s cultivate fruits and vegetables, and grow flowers using organic fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers make soil dry and poor. Chemical fertilizers pollute lakes, rivers, ponds, seas; they destroy plants and animals. Similarly, other chemicals, for example pesticides and herbicides, are harmful to the environment.  That’s why, we should return to nature. Let’s use organic fertilizers, restorative energetic essences of nature (e.g.: the essence of a dolphin), greenhouses in the shape of a pyramid, and the fields in newly-created stone circles. Let’s meditate with plants (they grown better then…), and burn agnihotra (dried cow-dung in a copper pyramid), which cleans the earth, air, water, purifies the atmosphere, raises vibrations; after burning, the ashes can be used as a fertilizer.

*Instead of using chemical substances to kill pests, and, by the way, a number of useful organisms, water and soil,  it is possible to produce on one’s own (and then even mass- produce) natural pests repellents. Producing such substances needs some work, but it is just for the benefit of our planet. Natural pests repellents are made of particular weeds, flowers, plants. Natural pests repellents may be used in gardens, fields and greenhouses. Wouldn’t you like to buy in shops food which is healthy and does not contain any toxic chemical substances?

*Do we really have to mow grass in our gardens with a lawn mower? Do we really have to mow those beautiful flowered grasses in our cities? When we use a lawn mower with an internal combustion engine we make noise, produce exhaust fumes, which contaminate people, soil, air and plants. Mowing grass, we destroy flowers, herbs and weeds. And do you know that weeds are very important for Us? High grass and weeds in our gardens and cities:

-protect soil from becoming dry and arid (they keep soil wet),

-protect soil from too heavy rain and too strong wind,

-while decomposing, grass and weeds fertilize soil and make it rich in humus,

-weeds which grow together with vegetables make them stronger due to nutritional substances which are secreted by weeds’ roots; because of weeds, soil becomes more rich in bacterium, which are important for the life of plants,

-a lawn full of colourful weeds, flowers and herbs is wonderful,

-thanks to weeds and flowers growing on our lawns, there are plenty of insects and small animals which protect our gardens, trees and vegetables from pests,

-particular weeds can protect our vegetables, fruits and flowers from particular pests.

Let our cities, towns and villages become famous for marvelous high grasses full of colourful flowers. There is so much green here that one wants to live. This is a paradise not only for Us, but also for butterflies, snails, and a number of other tiny creatures. There is always more fresh air then.

*Let our cities be famous for high trees. Let tree tops grow huge. There is no need to head tees, to prune their branches so much, to deprive them of their tops. It is very harmful for trees. They are alive too. They have worked so much to create their great, branching treetops, full of wings and leaves. The more branching treetops, the more oxygen, fresh air and shadow, as well as the more light and carbon dioxide for trees.

*Our towns and cities may become similar to forests and jungles. Our houses, factories and shops may be hidden in tree branches, the thicket of trees, bushes and flowers. The walls of buildings may be covered with greenery. Isn’t it more beautiful? Instead of grey blocks of flats, houses and tenements, we can see greenery and flowers. Such a rich greenery in our cities produces fresh air, and protects Us from intense heat or severe frost. But that’s not everything. Trees, bushes and flowers emit energy which strengthen our bodies, psyche and minds.

*Our cities may also become similar to the gardens of paradise, sparkling with a great number of different flowers.     

*If you keep a shop with food, why not to open a shop with health food? Selling health food, you take care of people’s health. It is really a great responsibility for the lives of many people.

*Wouldn’t it be great if instead of beer houses, pubs, clubs, etc. there were places for drinking noncarbonated mineral waters and natural fruit and vegetable juices prepared on the spot? Try to get drunk on mineral water, and you will see that you are in an altered state of consciousness. It happens because, under the influence of water, new nerve connections come into being. It is similar to getting drunk on low alcohol, however, there are no unpleasant side effects on health or mood. When we get drunk on juices, our feelings may be even stronger. Perception sharpens, an organism gets totally cleaned, and mind becomes more intelligent. Try!!! Cheers! Let’s celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other kinds of parties with natural juices and mineral water.

*If we farm, garden, work in restaurants, bars, bakeries or are involved in any kind of food production, let’s do it with love and joy. Let food prepared by us for people be as delicious and healthy as it is only possible. Our thoughts, our mood and emotions permeate into food prepared by us. The taste of food prepared negligently or in depression, anger and grief is different from the one prepared in peace, joy and love. Physicists has already proved that our moods and thoughts influence the molecular state of water and food. Let our food and drinks give us a great strength. While sowing and cultivating crops, vegetables or fruit trees, let’s think about them with love. While preparing food, let’s imagine that the food we prepare is filled with a live-giving energy. Let it give strength to all of Us.

*If you run a chemist’s shop, why not to set up a shop with the products of complementary medicine? Herbs and other products of complementary medicine have a beneficial impact on our health. Pharmaceuticals, reducing the symptoms of a disease for some time, lower our immune resistance. Traditional medicines are really very toxic.

*If you have got your forest or you want to plant it, try to make it be very diversified. Cause different species, the whole variety  of trees to grow in your wood. Multi-species forests are very valuable for Us. They are healthier and more resistant to diseases; they give shelter to a greater number of animals.

*If you sell gas, petrol, oil, carbon or firewood, why not to gradually resign from doing that? Selling all these substances, you are responsible for contaminating the environment and destroying the life on our planet. One may change over to selling collectors, solar batteries, geothermal pumps, and other inventions connected with free energy. There are more and more them. Suffice it to look around. The life and health of the whole planet is at stake here.

*If you use fossil fuels to produce electric or thermal energy, why not to build a solar power plant, a hydroelectric or geothermal power plant, or a power plant with Tesla’s transformer? Certainly, there are more possibilities. What is important, is taking care of the environment and the lives of plants, animals and people.

*Let’s care for animals’ life and animals’ happiness. In what way? Maybe just to turn vegetarian? Actually, we should not stress animals so much, should we?


Whatever you do, at work or as a hobby, think whether it serves the environment, nature and all of Us. Open your heart as much as you can. You will feel better at once.