The Civilization of the New Era


The new world has been approaching with a great power and strength. A wonderful paradise, the era of love and joy is beginning on the Earth. The old, based on exploitation, fear and dissonance, has collapsed; the new is beginning.

        Become open to these  exciting changes. Be open to the new. Open your heart as much as you can. Here is a great piece of news. The era of harmony and love has been approaching. There will be no place for fears, tragedies, mutual conflicts. Let’s unite together. It’s time to create a new world. The world of a fairytale.

        Imagine that in your town, in your village, everywhere, there are shops with health food. Health products are sold and bought everywhere. Freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices and tree juices are taking the place of  Coca-Cola, carbonated waters and alcohol. Food which is full of toxic substances is replaced by health products. Wholemeal bread made of two-rowed barley or spelt, wholemeal flour, extra virgin oil, natural see salt or rock salt, wholemeal pasta, brown rice, ecologically cultivated vegetables and fruits. Everything that is healthy is entering. Unhealthy and full-of-chemicals products, any sweets, meat, etc. are replaced by healthy sweets, such as sweet fruits or vegetarian cookies. The average age of a society is growing up. Suddenly, people discover their talents, power, health, their wish to live and create.

        Imagine that in your town, in your village, people use only natural remedies. Imagine that people have not used chemicals, yet. Suddenly, a man discovers natural medicine. The energy of thoughts, lemon juice, honey, the energy of the Sun, the essence of nature, meditation, visualization, fast, positive attitude of mind, etc. Natural methods appear to be more effective. Neither do they stupefy nor weaken an organism. Natural methods have a good influence on the whole organism. The rule that in order to cure a given part of a body, another part must be destroyed no longer applies. The era of love and harmony is beginning. No longer one can kill either oneself or others. Even a slow killing, through drinking coke, smoking cigarettes or any other way, is unacceptable. The time of a great love towards oneself and others is beginning. Love towards any living creature. Even to the smallest one. Chemicals destroying viruses, bacterium, organisms are going away. Holistic medicine, which respects the life of every particle start to prevail. Be open to the new. Do love each part of yourself. Strengthen your body by natural remedies.

        Imagine that in your town, in every city and village, everywhere, people use vehicles, cars, boats, planes, etc. powered by solar batteries or the energy of gravitation. Petrol, gas, coal, crude oil are no longer used. The environment is not polluted with these fuels. There are just another possibilities. There is just a different technology. The technology of the New Era is eco-friendly. Pure air, pure water and fertile soil giving healthy food. Manufacturing plants, factories, power plants do not use fuels any longer. Chimneys are disappearing. Pure air becomes true. How wonderful. The paradise is beginning on the Earth. Let’s become open to the new times. The new technology is used to generate current and heat in all our houses, buildings and plants. There are no more wastes or air pollutants. No more. Because there is the new technology. It uses the energy of the sun, the energy of gravitation, the energy of cosmos, and other alternative sources of energy.

        Imagine that schools in your town or village are changing. They have already been different. There are no more grades, fear, anxiety or competition. There is no more obligation. It’s due to the new methods of education, which are used at schools, making children wish to learn. Lessons are interesting and practical, without any constraint, pressure or punishment. Teachers have friendly attitude to their pupils. Learning becomes exciting and fascinating. The era of cramming and learning by heart is ending. We are entering the era of thinking, arriving at conclusions and discovering new things. The wave of new discoveries, the discoveries in different areas of knowledge are starting at the Schools of the New Era. Children feel free and their thinking is independent. They do not stick to rigid rules, definitions and formulas. Pupils overcome the barriers, cross the limits, and show that another way of thinking is possible. And the world start praising them. Children become feeling important and self-confident. It is a pleasure to go to school and to discover.

        Imagine that in your town or village, everywhere, a completely new art is presented in cinemas, theatres, or TV. Films, performances, music are beginning to express only joy, harmony and love. Pictures of violence, fear, disaster, grief and addiction are no longer shown on TV screens or in cinemas. We do not need to feed on the energy of fear, aggression or tragedy. Let’s become open to the energy of love, harmony … A new art is appearing. People have already known that everything they think about, all their mental pictures come true. Any thought or mental picture is the project of our reality. Everything which is beautiful, which brings harmony, peace and order begins appearing on the scene of art. Everything which we want to call into being, which serves Us all and our happiness. Thus, the new art, which expresses joy and satisfaction, transfers knowledge, raises consciousness and visualizes, creates a wonderful paradise on the Earth.

        Imagine that in your town or village, all over the world, streets and squares are changing into gardens. There are more and more trees, bushes, flowers and other plants. Some cities are changing into the gardens of paradise, others – into fabulous, multi-species forests. Life becomes more and more peaceful and happy. How fantastic is to take care of plants. To give them love. To meditate with them. To visualize their enormous sizes and great shapes. The whole Earth is being planted out with trees. Everywhere it is possible. There are more and more forests on the Earth. Forests are as dense as never before. They are very varied, mixed and abounding in different species.

        Imagine that we generate an electric current which is free of charge. Thus, we have a free heat in our houses. We travel by different vehicles free of charge, too. We do not need to pay for all that. The era when one has to fight for survival  is ending. We do not need to fight any more. Due to the exchange of goods and services, there is an equal distribution of wealth. We share goods with others, we exchange food, technology, knowledge and services. Now, everybody is doing what they love to, what they desire to, what they have always dreamt about. Through work which brings joy and creates harmony and beauty everybody  is creating the paradise on the Earth. Whatever it is: cultivation of health organic food, its distribution or sale. Whether it is self-realization in art, technology, or at school. Now, everybody has their dream job. Everybody has their own share. We exchange all goods and services. Food for a solar collector, for transport service, for advertising. Knowledge for a beautiful piece of art.

        There is an infinite number of possible ways of exchange of the products produced by Us. We feel good about such a situation. There is no exploitation. Everyone does what they have always dreamt about. It may even be lying around on a sofa or in a garden and discovering new things which may suddenly change the world. It may be everything. What is important, is the fact that work brings harmony. To make the paradise more beautiful. And some people may find fulfillment in music, others – in creating gardens in cities, towns, around their houses, or in developing eco-friendly technologies.

        The New World is approaching. Animals, plants and forests are being respected. Some people have just found fulfillment in planting trees. People enjoy creating jungles and dendrological parks. Animals are being released from cages and zoos. Finally, animals are free. They are coming to people. Both birds, horses, cats and others. But not under coercion. They can always leave. Animals in the present era are no longer killed for food. Suddenly, people start to understand that they can live without meat. Even that life without meat is healthier and better. People’s love is so great that nobody agree to do it - to kill in order to eat animal meat. Animals are loved more and more. They are our friends. We play , take care of birds, animals. We are not keeping them in cages or enclosures. Animals are following us, because we love them and they love us. At present, we respect their lives as much as we respect the lives of ourselves, and the lives of birds. At present, we respect lives of all creatures. We love all living creatures, and they love us.

        We are eating healthily. We are learning what we want to learn. We are doing things which we have dreamt about, which bring harmony and peace. These are our dream jobs, dram work. We are using the technology which is environmentally-friendly. We are using natural medicines. We are creating gardens around our houses, in our cities and towns. We are planting forests everywhere it is possible. At schools, we are teaching children things which they wish to learn. The attitude towards children at schools have already changed. We are taking care of pure air, soil as much as we can. As much as we are able to. We respect the lives of plants, animals and people. We have already stopped using chemicals and all toxic substances while cultivating plants, storing food, or curing ourselves. Chemicals are lethal. We have returned to natural methods. To nature. To harmony.

        Let’s develop harmony and peace. Thanks to us we have finally entered the world which is more and more beautiful. The marvelous, earthly paradise has begun. It has happened due to us all. Let’s change our habits, routines and ways of thinking. Let’s develop our consciousness, and enjoy life more and more.


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