Changes on the Earth

Contemporary Changes on the Earth Leading to the New Era




At present, we are entering the New Era. The Era of joy, cooperation and love. Namely, we are entering the ideal world. The world where everybody is important, and where each creature means a lot. The world without fight, competition, aggression, grief, tragedy and suffering. The world of total harmony. The world where the happiness of every living creature, entity and being counts are becoming true. People are starting to care about themselves and the whole civilization on the Earth. People are beginning to take care of their health, psychic and mind. They are starting doing things which means happiness and joy for them, whatever it is: their work, profession or hobby. The era of coercion and unwanted obligations is ending. People are beginning to take care of animals and plants  - the whole nature on the Earth, all people, all creatures. People are starting doing everything which creates harmony on the Earth, in the lives of all beings, the whole entity.

Shops with healthy food which are being set up, the art of the New Era which is inspiring to harmony, are the signs of the New Era. These are also the growing interest in metaphysical phenomena, extraterrestrials, the world of elves and the gods of nature. It is also the growing interest in the protection of nature, the environment…

 Let’s change our homes, houses, streets, villages and cities into beautiful gardens. Let’s take care of our shared towns, as we do care for our houses. Let’s change our streets, and cities into wonderful, lush gardens. Let’s start taking care of the great garden of the planet Earth as we do care for our gardens in front of our houses. It’s high time to change the Earth into the paradise. We have might to create beauty and order. 


Do join us. Do what you can. Do what you are able to. Do what make you and Us happy.


If you have noticed any changes which are the signs of the New Era, write and share the information with us.




 And here are the signs of the New Era:

* more and more people are buying solar collectors (which heat water and convert solar energy into heat in a house), and solar panels – solar batteries (which convert solar energy into electric current), and other technologies basing on alternative sources of energy – energy which is free of charge and environmentally friendly;

* Until the year 2007 the biggest solar power plant was situated in Bavaria. Since January 2007 the largest object like this has been in Portugal,  Serpa , 200 km south-east of Lisbon (the cost  60.2 million EURO, 60 ha, 52 thousand photovoltaic panels). This solar power plant generates as much as 11 MV of energy, which provides 8 thousand houses with heat and electric current. In Nevada, the works on the solar power plant (the power of 18 MV) have already been started, whereas the Israeli government has been creating the giant with the power of 100 MV, which, in the future, will be extended to 500 MV;

* the first shops with healthy food have been opened in cities;

* some people are starting using organic cleaners and detergents, for example: ‘Amway’ (dishwasher detergent, toothpaste, washing powder, floor polish and other cleaners) – when pumped with sewage  into rivers, they decay and are not toxic to the environment;

* new geothermal plants and water plants have been set up;

* cleaning the Earth has are becoming more and more popular;

* new organic farming lands have been cultivated (with the use of environmentally friendly organic fertilizers) – all kinds of chemical fertilizers contaminate the environment and corps, and destroy useful bacterium, insects, plants and animals;

* people are coming back to nature (trips, relaxations, healing);

* more and more do people are speaking about metaphysical and paranormal experiences;

* more and more do people are speaking about contacts with  extraterrestrials;

* national parks, scenic parks, nature reserves, nature monuments, etc. are created;

* the schools without grades have been started in Denmark and England;

* the websites: have been created and websites about opening heart:

*  people more and more often are getting open to the energies of nature (the energy of trees, flowers and earth), taking use of its healing power;

* Some people have begun spreading the essence of nature in cities and green areas in order to pick up the vibes of these places and to create the network of power and might;

* People’s contacts  with extraterrestrials are happening more and more often





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